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Hello, we are a team of 2 vibrant guys who are just trying to provide some value to as many people as we can reach. You can donate to the project here, or show appreciation.

My name is Ayoola Daniel. I am an SEO Expert In Lagos and also build stunning sites with WordPress.

I have 4 years of experience building responsive websites and ranking business websites on search engines. I learn and improve myself daily by learning from Ahrefs and Semrush.

I have a couple of blogs on the internet and they are doing pretty fine with each of them generating at least 50k monthly traffic from searches alone.

I believe anyone can make money online in Nigeria as long as they are provided with as much helpful information.

I’ve written for a top Nigerian travel blog, Fastlagos.com, and big sites like Naijaloaded, TalkGlitz.tv e.t.c

I can teach you the best ways to make money online in Nigeria. Reach out to me on Facebook below.

Here are a couple of services I offer:

  1. I will set up an SEO optimized blog for you (NGN40,000)
  2. I will do SEO for your website (NGN50,000 / Month) 
  3. I can build backlinks to your website using rich anchor texts (NGN30,000)
  4. I can help advertise your product on big websites in Nigeria like Legit, Punch, Naijaloaded
  5. I can create an e-commerce website for you (NGN90,000)
  6. I can create an ebook store website for you (NGN40,000)
  7. I will give you Adsense account (NGN20,000)
  8. I will register a domain name for you (NGN5,000)
  9. I will buy your domain a hosting provider (NGN12,000)
  10. I will teach you SEO for a year (NGN100,000)
  11. I will go on a date with you (You will buy me Food)

You can reach me fast on socials or via email at Geekydaniel4(at)gmail.com:

Hi, my name is Soneye Saheed (that’s what my Mom told me at least).

I am a seasoned blogger with over 4 years of experience, an entrepreneur, an investor, Search Engine Optimization freak, a Pharmacy student from Obafemi Awolowo University (I know book small) and probably play Footaball better than your average guy (I mean I dey try).

I have published contents for BIG Brands like Succeedasyourownboss.com, Dumblittleman.com, Nigerianinfopedia and more.

As long as you are talking about writing contents that ADD VALUE, while passing the message in a simple way, then you just have to check me out. The best part? You will RANK on Google SERP!

I am addicted to getting my messages into the head of my readers, irrespective of what it will take.

That is why I use a lot of examples, analogies and sweet screenshots (Oh, I love them!)

I run a few blogs that RANK and drive traffic from Google, even when I’m sleeping. You can check my school news blog.

I have managed and worked on some blogs online, helping them rank higher on Google SERP and getting better conversions.

  • I will help you write contents that RANK HIGHER than your competitors
  • I can also help you guestpost on Authority sites (while you take the Credit and Link)
  • I will show you how to get started with Mini importation/Drop shipping business even with very little CAPITAL and start marking HUUUGE profit.
  • I will help you speed up your blog/website and improve your user experience.

Together with Ayoola Daniel (one badass Frontend developer and SEO guru), I have decided to reveal the secrets to make money online and (HOW TO ACTUALLY GET STARTED!).

Anyways, if you need my help with anything in Content writing, Blogging, SEO or content marketing, feel free to contact me.

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